Basic Bread-making Course

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About This Course

Suitable for absolute beginners and those with some bread-making experience

Updated May 2019

We have had some great times this year teaching others how to bake real bread, focaccia, pizza and Chelsea buns…. If you would like to join us, here are the dates for 2019:
23rd June
21st July
29th September
13th & 20th October
17th & 24th November

8th December

Feedback from a recent course attendee :

“I spent a really enjoyable Sunday learning how to make bread the real way and made new friends to,  18 months later I am still baking bread & buns every week , we have not bought any bread since. I continue to have fun experimenting with new breads and find it all freezes well so I can enjoy my bread making without it being a daily chore.”

If you would like to purchase a Gift Voucher (£95 per person), please let us know.
We look forward to more baking days filled with laughter and friendship.

The Schedule

The best place to start is at the beginning so this course will teach you the basics.  We’ll start the day by measuring, mixing and kneading by hand a simple white yeasted dough.  While it is proving, we’ll create another dough and talk about the ingredients and stages of making bread.  Then we get busy – shaping, proving, slashing and baking our first loaves.  As soon as they’re out of the oven, it’s onto creating a delicious handmade pizza for lunch (with a glass of wine, of course!) then moving onto Italian Focaccia and shaped rolls before finishing off the day’s baking by rolling up some Chelsea Buns.  There’s a welcome cuppa whilst the buns bake and when they’re ready, we all devour a sumptuously soft Chelsea Bun straight from the oven!  You’ll go home laden with all your handmade freshly-baked breads and buns as well as all the recipes so that you can bake everything again.

Course fee: £95 per person

Want more information?

If you are looking for more information on the above course then please contact Jane on
07974 305577.  Alternatively click below to be directed to our contact page!

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